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Grizzlies Baseball!!!


New League/Name for 2005

The Grizzlies team will be playing Little League baseball this year with the team name "Braves"

2 Down 1 to GO!!!

Braves beat the Red Sox on Sat and then beat the Rockies in a tough overtime game on Monday. Headed to the Championship game against the Diamondback in El Jebel on Wednesday.                 GO BRAVES!!!

Braves play all over the field

Showing good sportsmanship, and having some fun - Braves players, played many different positions. A few were played in their normal positions for part of the game, but most of the time they hopefully learned some empathy for their team mates and the different requirements for each position. Final score Braves 10 - Giants 6


Braves show a lot of Heart

Braves battled the Diamond Backs in search of the elusive win against this team. Tied at end of regulation game, went into overtime with unknown rule being brought to their attention.

Final score 7-8 (more info to come)

Dodgers fall to Braves    3-5

In a very "explosive" game, Braves step up to the plate in a tied game in the 6th inning - scoring three runs and then holding Dodgers to no scores for the  win!

Rain out game turns sunny against unbeaten Rockies

Playing the rescheduled game on Friday in a nail biting, spectator pleasing game, the Braves came out with their first win against a strong team.       The unbeaten Rockies played hard and the Braves met the challenge to win by one run.

Braves forget their bats when facing Diamond Backs

Unfortunately the Braves could not find their batting skills when playing the Diamond Backs in El Jebel. Diamond Backs ruled the game with a 3-0 score.

Braves battle hard against Dodgers with 3-4 loss***

Two very good pitchers lined up on the mound against each other in a very aggressively defensive game. The game was miscalled at 6 innings with Dodgers up by one run by an umpire that normally umps minor league games (minors only play 6 innings). Last inning should be played at the next game against the Dodgers.

Braves played very well together as a team with some outstanding plays.... 3rd baseman, Rebhan backed up Pitcher James Conrardy on a hard grounder and was able to quickly recover and throw the runner out at 1st. The Dodgers hit over the head of left fielder, #5 Brown, with what seemed to be a home run; Brown pounced on the ball and with a rocket of a throw was able to hold the runner to 2nd base. The two runs scored were excellent hits by Cerise for a double and Wilcox for a triple.

Braves beat Giants 20-2

Coach Conrardy taught the team to play the game with sportsmanship and Giants were able to score their first two runs of the season.

GWS Rockies beat Braves 4-5

In a true spectators game, the Rockies and Braves played a tight game into overtime where ex-Braves player, Matt Seaver was able to hit a sacrifice fly to center field to score the winning run for the Rockies. 

Braves shutout Giants 26-0

Playing with two members of the team never having played baseball before & four young players (two are only twelve), the Braves had no problem playing against the Giants. Strong bats & aggressive stealing added to strong defensive skills, the Braves looked great.

James Martinez playing as a strong, dependable catcher with a strong bat was awarded the well deserved game ball after the miserably cold and windy game.

Other News:

Thanks to Jim Conrardy for 'stepping up to the plate' at the last minute when Coach Wilcox had to leave town.

Scheduled Practices
*** Be sure to check for cancellations when weather has been bad

When: April 18th through May
Thurs & Fri's from 5:30 to 8pm

Where:         Metro Park in Rifle                      
(next to the swimming pool)

***NOTECancellations will be posted here

please contact:

KC Binger

if there is ever a question


Above Picture:
Intense pickle for the out!

Contact us for more information:
KC (official paperwork jockey) 

or email:


2005 Head Coach:

Jim Conrardy


click here to email us: grizzliesbaseball@hotmail.com

Meet the 2005 Team

#13   Dwight Cerise                  Infield & Outfield

#8     James Conrardy              Pitcher, Infield, Center Field

#5     Korbyn Brown                 2nd Base & Right Field

#12   Mitch Binger                  1st Base

#7    Nathan Terrin                 Outfield

#1     Tanner Wilcox                 Pitcher, Catcher, Infield, Center Field

#11     Ryan Rebhan                  Right Field, 3rd base

#4    Raleigh Roberts                Shortstop & 2nd  base

#10    Juan Marquez                  Outfield

#9     Jacob Patrick                    Outfield

#15    Shane Hammer                  Outfield                

Scores & Schedule 2005:

Sat 4/9   3pm vs Giants at Roaring Fork            26-0

Mon 4/11  5pm vs Rockies at Sopris #2 West       4-5

Wed 4/13 5pm vs Giants at Roaring Fork           20-2

Sat 4/16  10am vs Dodgers at Sopris #2 West    2-3***
7th inning played 4/23                                      Final Score 2-5

Mon 4/18  5p vs Diamond Backs in El Jebel         0-3

Fri 4/20 5pm vs Rockies at Sopris #2 West        2-1

Sat 4/23  10am vs Dodgers at Sopris #2 West    5-2

Mon 4/25  5pm vs Diamond Backs in El Jebel       2-3

Wed 4/27  5pm vs Red Sox at Crown Mtn           11-8

Sat 4/30  10 am vs Rockies in Rifle                  7-4

Mon 5/2   5pm vs Red Sox at Crown Mtn             8-1 

Wed 5/4  5pm vs Diamond Backs at Crown Mtn      7-8

Sat 5/7   1pm vs Dodgers in GWS                    7-9        

Mon 5/9   5pm vs Diamond Backs in El Jebel        6-4

Wed 5/11 5pm vs Rockies at Crown Mtn             9-17

Sat 5/14  10am vs Red Sox in Rifle                 12-15

Mon 5/16  5pm vs Giants in Rifle                    10-6

Wed 5/18 5pm vs Dodgers in Rifle                 WIN

***Tournament Game

1st Tournament Game

Sat 5/21  9am vs Red Sox in Rifle                 WIN

2nd Tournament Game

Mon 5/25  5pm vs Diamondbacks in El Jebel (field TBD)

El Jebel Field
---Hwy 82
---Turn LEFT at the light by Wendy's
---Go 3/4 to 1 mile and the field is on the left

Crown Mtn Field in El Jebel
---Hwy 82
---Turn RIGHT at the light by Wendy's
---Turn Right again and the field is on the left

Season's Statistics
Games: 18

Wins: 7           Loses:  5


2005 Statistics Leaders

# of Steals: ***this stat is unofficial as of 4/16/05  

James Conrardy - 9
Dwight Cerise - 8
Ryan Rebhan - 7
Tanner Wilcox  - Nathan Terrin - Mitch Binger -5


  Tanner Wilcox- 7
James Martinez - 6
Mitch Binger - 4  
Dwight Cerise - 4

On Base Percentage:

James Martinez .58
Tanner Wilcox .563 
Dwight Cerise .533 
Ryan Rebhan .462

True Game Batting Averages:

James Martinez .700
Tanner Wilcox .692
Dwight Cerise .667
Ryan Rebhan .600

True Game Slugging Averages:

James Martinez 1.1
Tanner Wilcox 1.0
Dwight Cerise .750
 Ryan Rebhan .600